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You guys are AWESOME!!! About a little over year ago I bought new tiers. About 4 months later i hit the amount of mileage where i needed to do a tire rotation. It was at this point where i realized i did not have the key. It took me a year after that for someone to point me in the direction of this site. The reason why it took so long was because, 1. My lug nuts had actually 8 slots which you really really cant find anywhere on the internet, or in rim shops, there's one that looks like a 8 point star which was not the case with mine. 2. I would have had to cut them or use a key removal tool, but the whole was way to thin for anything other than the thickness of the key to fit, and on top of that it was way to deep. Basically what everyone told me was you will either have to cut your rims off, or hammer in a smaller key to your lug nuts and hope that works. This would have cost wayyyy too much. So my best choice would be to find the key and use these as last resort. Then i found this site. The nice lady asked me to take a picture of the lug nuts and text it to her, and presto week later i had the key at my door step. Just came back from my tire rotation and i was told i was in dire need of new breaks. That would have sucked. I want to thank you for helping me out with this, which i would have known about this site sooner! You guys are AWESOME!!!


Date of Posting: 21 October 2010
Posted By: Carlos Ceballos
Costumer who lost his key

Every day we get customers in here that don't have their wheel lock key, and on the tuner style wheels, every one of them is a lock. If you don't have the key for that particular lock, you're not going to get that wheel off. A few years back, before we had all the keys, it was a two hundred dollar job to get their wheels off for a brake job, or a set of tires, or something like that. Well, now, we've got this Master Key Tuner Kit, it has them all in there already. So, no more drilling, hammering, torquing. I sell the customer a key, and usually pick up a tire sale, a brake job, an alignment, and many other things. It made life a lot easier.


Date of Posting: 12 January 2010
Posted By: Aaron Hux
Dino's Tire & Wheel, Tulsa, OK

We do a lot of tires, wheels, and automotive service here at Discount Mike's. I'd be holding up the mechanic, and the equipment if we didn't have the key. So it's definitely something you ought to have at least one set of. If you have multiple stores, you know, you at least ought to have one in your operation.


Date of Posting: 12 January 2010
Posted By: Mike Gauldin
Discount Mike's Tire & Automotive, Broken Arrow, OK

Tuner Wheels, installing tires, before you had to have a key to get the wheels off. Now you don't. With the Master Key, it's all right here in your hands. All you do is open the box, take out the key to match your application. You've made your tire sale, and you've made your customer happy.


Date of Posting: 12 January 2010
Posted By: John Keathley
Mastercraft Tires, Tulsa, OK

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Master Key Generation II Tuner Key Kit

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