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The Master Key Tuner Key KitThe idea for the Master Key Generation II Tuner Key Kit comes from years of retail sales counter experiences working with stressed out customers. Their immediate need is the removal of their tuner lugs or set of locks. Their tire is about to blow (with steel hanging out the side of it), their brakes are in the metal, or they simply just need four new tires. What an awful experience when you also cannot remove their lugs, or even identify the correct and necessary brand of tuner lugs that is on their vehicle. This kit will "Stop The Madness"!!

The Master Key Generation II Tuner Key Kit contains all 22 Tuner Lug Removal Keys. All tools are heat treated to make them harder, stronger, long lasting, and wear resistant. Extra keys are always available, just order online or call one of our team members. No shop that deals with custom wheels and tires should be without this kit. Call 1-918-835-2280 today for details about how you can get one of these sets for your shop. Be the one to say "Yes, we can help you!"

Master Key Generation II Tuner Key Kit

Master Key Tuner Kit
2 Sets of Master Keys (2-Stack Set)

22 Tuner Lug Removal Keys